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What’s been going on over here at Sockeye these last few months?

Well, many things! One of which was another installment of Mess Hall, taught by our very own Maria Janosko! Her workshop on Japanese stab binding was a hit!


That’s the Holidays…

Thanks to everyone who came out for our double party extravaganza. We hosted the Leftbank holiday party, and got to hang out with our awesome neighbors here in the building. Then we hosted our annual holiday party, and it was great to see all your faces! There’s many more photos on our Facebook, so feel free to share yours!



Maria drew us an awesome reminder on one of our chalkboards this last week.

As we go into this holiday and long weekend, we’re counting our blessings and hope you are too!


WeMakePDX + Magnetic North

A few of us headed out to the very inspiring WeMakePDX screenprinting workshop at Magnetic North on Friday.

Each person attending the collaborative workshop was given a section of Oregon and the prompt to draw “what inspires you to create.” We got to screenprint beer koozies (extensive debate regarding the proper spelling and pronunciation ensued), make notebooks, and take home a freshly printed poster!

Even for those of us Sockeye’rs who aren’t on the design team, it was a great way to learn something new and be in the company of great PDX designers and artists. Thanks to WeMake + Magnetic North for hosting!


The Best Rainy Friday in a While

…and we kind of love the rain.

Our team here at Sockeye has been working hard on a few really awesome projects, one of which was a full installation at the Oregon Historical Society. If there’s one thing that defines us Sockeye-rs, it’s our love of our region, and working with OHS to tell Oregon’s history in engaging ways is particularly meaningful.

The Mightiest Wind— an installation remembering the 1962 Columbus Day storm opened on Friday to a full house. As we walked through the exhibit, it was great to see the culmination of creative collaboration between Sockeye and OHS teams, as well as watch the reaction of the fellow attendees—many of whom had personal memories of the 1962 storm.

instagram photos by Maria Janosko

Following the OHS opening, we skipped over to UnionPine for the WeMake Put A Bird In It auction party to see how our Seedy Motel birdhouse was faring. All of the birdhouses were incredible, and it was great to see such a huge turnout. Best of all, the auction proceeds help fund art and music programs in Portland Public Schools.

instagram photos by Maria Janosko

A big shout out to Sarah Jane McKinley, Julian Gese, Jacob Hinmon, Wil Magness, David Ruger, Drew Canulette and Amanda Riesenberg as well as Andy, Peter and Ryan for making The Mightiest Wind so darn awesome.

Also to the birdhouse team, headed up by Julian Gese and Maria Janosko!

Go see it for yourself!


Wisdom From Jack

Jack, Peter’s dog, has graciously provided us with this week’s guest post…

Q: Jack, what are you plans for this upcoming weekend?
A: Well, thank you for your interest. I shall begin with brunch tomorrow morning, likely something light – poached egg, grapefruit, croissant. Something to remind me of the Paris years of my youth.

Q: Wow, Paris years. Tell me more.
A: Well, it seems like yesterday. In dog years. Memory is so fickle. Anyways, I spent my youth exploring the city, sipping Sancerre on the Seine, scribbling in leather bound books, reading Sarte.

Q: Sounds lovely. Moving on, what brings you to Sockeye today?
A: Treats. And don’t tell anyone, but some mornings Peter begs me to get in the car. Apparently, I’m the feather to his creative Dumbo.

Q: How do you spend your time in the Sockeye offices?
A: Drinking coffee, waiting for someone to drop some Chex Mix on the floor, typing new revisions of my manifesto: Canine Semiotics. I publish under a nom-de-plume, Roland Barks. Sometimes I compose deep letters to my colleague Jacques Derri-Dog.

Q: What wisdom would you like to share with the team at Sockeye?
A: Though the strength and amount of coffee you drink is impressive, take more naps. Yes…naps.



This post from our very own Andy Fraser

I sit sequestered in our conference room in order to generate something for Sockeye’s blog (“can you write something once a month?” I am asked). I stare back across the Willamette toward the Westside. Our city nestled into the bosom of the tree-lined hillside. Modest high rises living peacefully amongst thoughtful residential structures. Fine restaurants residing amicably across the street from a sea of DYI food-carts. And ever more trees filling every possible nook and cranny in between. There is a comfort that this right-sized burg affords us. Livability without boredom, artfulness without pretense, and commerce without too much class-warfare.

What is Portland’s DMA (designated market area) rank? Twenty-five? Twenty-eight? Depends on who you ask, and whether they sell advertising here. For me, it’s not too big and it’s not too small. Call me Goldilocks, but you know. Nowhere (to my knowledge) are young, fresh-scrubbed, hard-working (unemployed) midwesterners flocking sight unseen to single place like they are to Portland, drawn by the landscapes and mindset that make this place so sweet. Sure, there are a few Portlandia-esque retirees about, but someone has to maintain the anarchist populations. Overall, I think being a destination for young strong minds is a good thing.

And how has this place managed to grow so gracefully? I give credit to two things—good water and intelligence. Without good water we would not have the healthful existence here that so many value, and without the intelligence of those who came before us, we would not have had the forethought build and protect our good water source—Bull Run. But that’s a whole other story. Sweet, now I know what to write about next month.



CUD: Doing good things for the Kids

At Sockeye we are all about creativity and having fun. Being from Portland we also care about others, A LOT. So we held a creative event to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club of Portland. The idea was, well, experience it for yourself….

Special thanks to everyone that came by, painted, schmoozed, laughed and especially those that worked tirelessly to help make it happen. We’re looking at you: Jed Alger, Kevin and Nina Fletcher, Ryan Rothermel, James Westby, EVERYONE at Mathys + Potestio, Wil Magness, White Glove, Chris Farington, and on and on…..


Celebrating your Independence

Whether you celebrate your Independence Day with fireworks, a backyard BBQ, going to the rodeo, a lovely craft brew near the pool, or all the above, have fun and be safe out there Portland. And remember your independence should be valued every day, of every year.

If you don’t know what you’re doing yet here’s a link to events going on in our area.


Elveda Laura

Last week saw our beloved producer, Laura (More about Laura here, or here), setting off on the next phase of her life’s journey. She’s hung up her producer boots for a pair of Turkish Suzani boots. Yep, she’s headed to Constantinople, err, Istanbul, on an open-ended trip to play in the Mediterranean, meet new people, and live on a farm.

Laura was a great producer, but an even better friend. She kept us inline when we got a little crazy, yet also laughed at all our jokes, no matter how inane. We’ll definitely miss her quirky idiosyncrasies, but at least we have the below biographical video of Laura’s life (as played by Maria Janosko and Peter Metz) to keep her near, no matter how far. We love you Hardin.

It’s so Hardin to say Goodbye from Sockeye on Vimeo.


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