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Meet Maria – Designer

In an attempt to better know the wonderful personalities of Sockeye we bring you….us.

Meet Maria

Occupation: Shape Shifter

Maria loves: outer space & cheese danishes

Fun Facts:
* Maria went to school for animal behavior psychology.
* Maria saw Michael Cera at Target.
* Bret Michaels grew up in Mechanicsburg PA, my hometown… “every rose has its thorn”

Favorite State Motto: (Kansas) To the stars through difficulties


The Doctor is In!

For every great creative agency there is a prerequisite of an in-house kegorator. It’s almost as important as the designers (don’t worry, they’d agree). So when one came through the doors we had to treat it like family. Filled with lovely brew, pouring generously and already in our hearts, it was only missing one more thing before it could be everyone’s (best) friend; a name.

For us it went down like this:

Akasha: We need to name the kegorator!

Albert: Shouldn’t we write a creative brief first?


Then the naming process began: Mr. Zen, Drunk Mama, Kegasuarus Rex, Beerzilla, Icarus, Kitty, Flo, Martin VanBeerMe, Buddy, Rocky and so on and so forth. Though good none of the names actually captured the essence and identity of our new best friend. Then we realized what the kegorator really meant to all of us.

It meant the Doctor was in. So meet “Doctor.”

If you’re in the neighborhood stop by for an appointment.


Get to (Better) Know Portland – #124

Did you know that the fair city of Portland is home to the World’s Smallest Park? True story. It’s so small in fact that it’s only inhabitant is a happy-go-lucky leprechaun, Patrick O’Toole (or so the story’s told).

Mill Ends Park has a rather fascinating story; from it’s humble beginnings cloaked in magic and mystery to it’s current legend complete with worldwide recognition and butterfly pool (read here or here.

So next time you’re down by the waterfront, head towards SW Taylor, play Frogger across Naito Parkway and say hello to Patrick O’Toole at Mill Ends Park.


Girl Scout Cookies Have Arrived!!!

Bless those little, sugary, tasty, chocolately, energy-amping-then-coma inducing, coconutty, best-thing-we’ve-ever-eaten, devilish, sin-flavored cookies.


Neenah Paper Gold Winner!

Sockeye and The College of Idaho were awarded Gold Winner for 2010 Q4 – West Region by Neenah Paper for our College of Idaho viewbook.

Congrats to our great clients at The College of Idaho and to the team that made it happen here at Sockeye!


Portlandia Meet Metro

If you haven’t seen Portlandia you must be hiding under a rock or probably not from these parts. Either way, there was one skit that hilariously captured the essence of the Portland organic food movement: Ordering the Chicken featuring Colin the Chicken.

Watch the skit here.

In Part 2 of that skit, the couple actually visit a chicken farm and Colin (their soon to be dinner). As it turns out, the farm is part of the Metro Natural Areas Program and really a chicken farm. We can’t make this stuff up!

Check out more about the farm and Metro here.

Congrats to our great friends at Metro Natural Areas Program!


What an Honor

Wow. Last night I received the annual Award of Excellence from the OMPA (Oregon Media Production Association). In my typical (and less-than-fortunate) approach, I was less-than prepared to accept the honor. I walked to the stage and thanked the group, acknowledged my love for the region and made some joke about getting older. Pretty lame.

What I did NOT mention are the few words that have guided me professionally—a producer is only as good as their Rolodex (for you 20-somethings, that’s a physical device we used to use to hold business cards and sometimes actually hand-write contact info. Imagine!) Tonight I was honored for my contribution to our production community with a nod to how I’ve gone about it.

But what I failed to do was give the nod to those individuals who have helped our company (Sockeye), our community and myself make it this far. The names include Grissom, Koerner, Buchanan, Tolkstad, Ackerman, Westby, Geiger, Calloway, Johnson, Fletcher, Casey, Sajovie, Langensteiner, LaMarre, Lawson (x3), Vail, Pander (x2), Fleskes (x2), Moran, Walters, Langon, Byrne, Sasson, Crisman, Wisbrock, Hardin, most certainly Metz and last but not least—Corvallis. These are the names of the collaborators who continue to work tirelessly, producing damned fine creative. These are the region’s finest. And they are definitely the most excellent behind the excellence.

I am fortunate to be part of this creative community. The world is watching Portland, because we have earned it. When I was an idealistic 20-something, I used to get really pissed off that our industry served those who were especially connected. But as I learned over time, if you feed your database and work harder than hell, even a schlub like me could build such a network.

Finally, what I want to mention is that my award is shared with all that have helped Sockeye reach the current level of excellence. But we’re just getting started. Thanks to all that have worked with us to get this far, let’s continue to go great work. And to those who we don’t know who work toward greatness, let’s connect.

Portland and Oregon are incredible. Being able to live AND work here is a privilege. Next time I will be better prepared to receive an honor that we all have worked so hard to receive. Thank you for this honor.



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